Your Growth Partner,

and not just ‘another’ Ad agency.

Here at LGT, we don’t use the word ‘Partner’ lightly. Together, we’ll set business
goals, KPI’s, frequently audit and analyse your PNL’s and overall business
structure to find the holes and fill them, whilst identifying winning Ad
strategies we can take to accelerate your brands growth.

If you associate your brand’s success with your ROAS, then your business is already set to fail.
Focusing on profit is the only way to grow!


What we do best

Media Buying

We will formulate and
execute a planned paid ads
strategy across multiple
platforms in line with your
brands marketing goals.
Including TikTok, Facebook,
Instagram, Pinterest and

Organic Social Media Management

Can’t find the time to
manage all your social
media channels? We’ll do it
all for you! Take out the
guesswork of what you
should be posting, how
often, with what hashtags,
and leave it all to our team.

Website Development

No matter the type of product or service you are promoting, you need to make sure your first impression is good. In the world of E-Commerce, your website is your brick and mortar shop front. It is your #1 asset when it comes to converting potential customers into paying clients.
The average retail store will re-merchandise their store every few weeks, yet the average website is updated every few years, and that’s way too long!

The ecommerce space is moving so quickly that you can’t afford to have an outdated, clunky website. Customers are more clever than ever, and if your website isn’t designed with them at the forefront then you’re probably losing money.

Content Creation

Managing organic social
media platforms and running
ads demands high quality,
engaging content. Our team
will make sure your brand is
always on trend, and that you
have a bank of content lined
up to post, so you’ll always be
active, and never forgotten

Email and SMS

There’s no point bringing
new customers into your
business if you don’t do any
thing to keep them! Under
standing and implementing
different retention strategies
means that you’ll increase
your customers lifetime
value, which means more
revenue, and more profit for
your business.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Businesses need to understand that their website is the last touch point to drive conversions. Your organic, paid, and customer retention strategies will lead people to your website, that’s their job, but your website needs to be designed so that people will purchase from your brand. A simple conversion rate increase from 1% to 2% will double your revenue.

Our team will audit your website every month and implement any necessary changes to ensure your website is doing its job within your customers purchase journey.

User Generated Content

Not just another ad! These
videos are highly formulated
to ensure that they’re de
signed to convert your audi
ence. We have a team of
trained creators ready to film
your content, and we’ll write
up your video brief and
scripts so that your video is
completely optimised to
ensure this content converts.

Brand Strategy (Included in media buying)

You can’t scale your business if you don’t have a solid foundation! We’ll take a look at everything from your website, organic social media strategy, paid ads, customer retention strategy, and your PNLs to make sure every aspect of your business is in line with your growth plans.


SEO is the difference between placing your digital shopfront at the prime position of your local retail shopping centre, or at the back, in the corner of a dingy alleyway. SEO brings digital foot-traffic, which is what will lead to higher organic sales, and balancing your business’s customer acquisition across paid and organic channels. And the best part is, ongoing SEO is a fraction of the cost of what a prime location would cost in rent to a standard business. In the digital world of E-Commerce, do you want your store to be the first thing your potential customer sees? Or would you prefer to bury your head in the sand and let your competitors pull further and further ahead in Google’s digital rankings? The answer is simple, engage us for SEO to add this absolutely fundamental pillar into your business’s growth strategy today.


Blue Croc
Rubbish Removal

4291% Revenue Growth in 2021, compared to 2020

Blue Croc was self-managing their advertising prior to working with LGT Digital. Having begun running ads towards the end of 2019, and self-navigating through the peak of Covid 2020 Blue croc was unable to break through customers fears to scale their business and were averaging around 1-2k a month in revenue.



648% Growth YOY! From $25.6K in Q1 2021 to $191.6K in Q1 2022

Racecraft was a relatively new brand when we started working with them, averaging around 5k a month in revenue.

The owner was self managing their media buying across Facebook and Instagram with little to not return on ad spend. The website hadn’t been updated in quite some time and the overall navigation was very confusing, which caused too much friction between their customers and their purchase journey.



From $0 to $500k/year within 24 months

Cosy Cribs was a brand new business when we started working with them.

The owner didn’t have a marketing plan in place and was looking for an agency that could help him and his partner achieve their dream of creating a company that provided high quality yet affordable furniture, so that everyone can have the home of their dreams.

Who we
work with.

LGT has helped grow businesses in a wide range of industries.

See some of the clients we have worked with below:

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

What makes us different?

We own & operate our own eCommerce business.
Our in-house DTC brand Cosy Cribs gives us consistent insight into the operational mechanics of an ecommerce business. It is also proof that we ‘walk the walk’.
We don’t sell you the world and deliver peanuts
Over promising & underdelivering – the typical agency story. We don’t guarantee results, no marketing partner can, we do guarantee to be proactive, highly-communicative, provide enormous TLC and treat your brand like our own.
You don’t just get an ‘Account Manager’, you get a full team.
At LGT Digital, our Full Service clients are placed into ‘Pods’. You’ll have a dedicated Brand Strategist (your point-of-contact), paid social & search Ads team, creative designer & Shopify developer.
Higher revenue ≠ higher profit, we know this
While other agencies are maximise Ad spend, driving your revenue up whilst breaking the bank – we focus on increasing what matters…your bottom line.
We hold you accountable to your own success
Partnerships go both ways and require mutual accountability. We get so involved with our clients that at times we put forward recommendations that go outside of our service-scope. We’ve found that in the past, clients who act quickly on our strategies experience a higher degree of growth. So we developed our own proprietary ‘Accountability board’.
In the past, I always end up working with agencies I need to lead myself. Why will LGT Digital be different?
One of our internal philosophies is to ‘Be proactive, share new ideas & a clear plan for execution’. We understand that you’re paying us to be the experts, if you trust us to lead, we’ll make sure to do exactly that. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business that require your attention.
How many other accounts will be Strategist/Pod be working on?
Your Pod will work with up to 7 brands at one time, sometimes less – depending on capacity and the size of the respective brands. We cap our teams at 7 clients to ensure the highest quality of communication, service & attention is maintained.
I just want a higher ROAS, will you guys deliver that?
What we care about, is helping you build a more profitable brand over the long term. There are many factors at play affecting ROAS that are outside an agency’s hands…reality is, the climate for eCommerce brands post IOS15 and COVID has significantly changed. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, and a relationship focused purely on ‘getting a higher ROAS’…we are not the Growth Partner for you.