A Brief Look Into SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The search engine in question? Google.

Think of it this way, Google’s primary focus as a search engine is to put the most relevant content in front of the user searching. So, for example, if someone was to search “Chadstone Digital agencies” – Google will display links which IT believes to be the most relevant to the user searching. Google decides who gets top pick from many factors including: 

  • Quality of content
  • Website's Mobile Friendliness
  • Website Speed
  • User Experience
  • On/Off page optimisation
  • Relevant & authoritative backlinks

Why bother investing into SEO?

Search Engines Saw Over

2.3 trillion global searches in 2014 up 15% from 2013.

93% of online activity

begins with a some form of a search engine (usually Google)

66% of users say

Search engines provide fair & unbiased information

90% of mobile users

Search for local information to find what they are looking for.

78% of local mobile

Searches result in an offline purchase. Usually within a few hours.

91% of users say

They find what they’re looking for when using search engines

Steps Forward

An SEO strategy should be custom to each unique business and industry. In our initial free consults, our focus will be to deep dive into your business and truly understand how it works. Before a single dollar is spent with us, we will audit your website, take a look at your analytics, briefly research your industry’s most profitable search terms and advise you of our findings.

Overall Objectives

Scope Of Work

We will audit your current website & attend to any immediate errors and issues. Occasionally, business owners are surprised to find how many errors they have on their current website. Issues that may be leading to slow loading speeds and pages not loading at all. We also look to see if your website has an SSL certificate installed, sitemap.xml and robot.txt file. These three things are crucial for rankings on Google.

The objective here is to research, list and submit your industries most profitable keywords. Before we begin working on optimising your website, it’s important to first identify which search terms would be most profitable for your business. There are many methods we use that help us in discovering these desired keywords. One of these methods is analysing one of your top competitors and identifying which Keywords they are ranking for. If these keywords are working for them, they’ll work for you too.

Once we've identified your most profitable Keywords, we begin optimising your website to rank accordingly. This is where a huge bulk of our time is dedicated for the first 2-3 months. We carry out many action steps such as improving site speed, adding content, on/off page optimisation, installing and configuring plugins, adding relevant inbound and outbound links and this is barely scratching the surface. In plain English, we want to make sure Google knows that your site is the most relevant search result for your desired keywords.

Here we create blogs, outreach and actively add backlinks to your website. It is commonly known in the SEO community that backlinking is one of the most powerful SEO ranking factors. You are essentially telling Google “Hey look at us, we’re so relevant to this particular keyword that other websites have linked to us!”. The only issue with backlinking? It’s incredible time consuming and difficult to do. But that's no longer something for you to worry about, let us take care of it for you!

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