Not ready to commit to a digital marketing retainer? Do you prefer to run ads on your own?

Get guidance from an Ads Specialist who has spent millions in paid ads.

“We’d love to work with you guys, but we aren’t ready to invest into a retainer yet”

 We receive a few messages like this almost every week. Many eCommerce brand owners are needing guidance on their Ad campaigns and/or creative strategies but aren’t ready to take the financial leap to work with an agency.

If that sounds like you, rest assured you are not alone!

As a team, we have decided to start this mini-service, consulting eCommerce brand owners that need it. 

Our Experts

Our social media strategists are your go-to for understanding and implementing marketing strategies for social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, Email, and SMS.

With a holistic approach to marketing, our specialists adopt a multi-channel marketing approach, from your owned, earned, to paid media channels, requiring everything to be connected to ensure your business is set up for success.

Their service transcends beyond ads, and often requires shoulder-to-shoulder work with our web department to suggest conversion optimisation recommendations for your team to maximise sales. They are also creative master minds, who study the content and trends to suggest innovative content ideas for your brand.


LGT Ads Strategist

45 Minutes

$399 $299 Inc GST



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