Let’s start with some results

Those eCommerce millions aren’t easy, don’t get fooled by false promises.

With that said, they’re definitely possible. Here’s a client we’re working with who managed to generate $1.14 million in sales within a 5 month period.

Don’t take our word for it…
Here’s what some of our clients had to say!

My Lasting Bouquet, 600% Growth

Blue Croc Rubbish Removal, 1000% Revenue Increase

Okay, one more result flex

We helped launch and take Cosy Cribs from a new brand, to just under $500,000 in sales in the last financial year.

Some honesty…

We won’t claim overnight “miracle” work. Our journey with Cosy Cribs was filled with both failed and winning strategies. But, with rigorous testing, we eventually figured it out – producing the result you see above.

How do we operate as an agency?

  • We run your Ads, design your creatives, find creators for content, split test everything, monitor ROAS, and scale.
  • We provide you with profit reports,  showing your net gain or loss, which  INCLUDE our management fees.

More of a visual person? Here’s what the above looks like in practice:

Spokesperson/Influencer Ad
Showcasing the problem, solution, features & benefits. 

Product In Use: Us Vs Them
Showing customers a side-by-side comparison of the difference your product can make

Creative Motion Graphics
Finding unique ways to show Ads to users.

Unboxing Video creatives
We source the creators & edit, you send the product.

Our creative team also helps with static creatives

Your Standard Creative Designs
Typically created in 3-4 different variations for testing.

You have to break through the noise. Showcasing humour, relevance & uniqueness can establish instant trust with the end-user.

So, with PhD level funnel setups & optimisation, creatives taken care of internally, split testing & scaling…along with SMS and email marketing campaigns, results like this are produced:

Does your brand qualify?

An eCommerce brand built on either Shopify or WordPress.

Ideally, you are already generating revenue. It is recommended that you are at $10,000/month in sales prior to engaging LGT. Or fall under the category of a “well-funded startup with an allocated marketing budget.”

Logistics is sorted and able to handle an influx of more sales.

Brands we’ve worked with…

Happy Clients

“Okay, that all looks good, but what makes you guys different to other agencies?”

  • We never take on a client without conducting a 2-week audit process.
  • We’re extremely picky with the brands we choose to work with.
  • To maintain quality, love, and attention for our current clients, we don’t take on more than 5 new brands a month (quality over quantity type of agency).
  • We’re a local team, working shoulder to shoulder in our Southbank office.
  • We only work with eCommerce brands.
  • We not only understand Ads, but we consider ourselves PhD graduates of the game (spending millions in Adspend teaches you a thing or two).

Work with an agency that won’t treat you as just ‘another client’