Cosy Cribs

From $0 to $500k/year

within 24 months


Media Buying, Brand Strategy, Email and SMS, CRO


Furniture and Home Decor


ROAS across Facebook and Google (Jan 2019 – June 2022)


Revenue Increase on Klaviyo Last 12 months (1st June 2021 – 1st June 2022)


ROAS for SMS Last 12 months (1st June 2021 – 1st June 2022)


Increase in AOV YTD 2022 (June 1st)

“Before LGT business was hard, it was really hard to find a marketing agency who would really deliver their promises. LGT gave us an average ROAS of x5 to x6, while scaling our ad spend. They also gave us a return of x18 to x20 during our sales like Black Friday and Christmas.

My favourite part of working with LGT is the consistency!”


Before working with LGT

Cosy Cribs was a brand new business when we started working with them. The owner didn’t have a marketing plan in place and was looking for an agency that could help him and his partner achieve their dream of creating a company that provided high quality yet affordable furniture, so that everyone can have the home of their dreams.

The Goal

To launch a profitable business so that the owner could transition into a low-stress environment after their service in the military

The Findings

 As this was a brand new client we didn’t conduct our usual audit, instead we dove straight into our 5 pillar marketing strategy. However, because the client’s business was in its infantile stage, the client took it upon themselves to tackle some of the pillars to help reduce their overheads.

LGT advised and provided guidance to the client around the pillars they were self managing to ensure these fundamentals were set up to enable optimal growth.


 5 Pillars:

  • Organic Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Media Buying
  • Customer Retention
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and SEO

LGT managed pillars 3), 4), and 5) whilst the client managed pillars 1) and 2) with our team providing consultation and guidance along every step of the way.

The Solution

  • Launched Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Launched Google Ads
  • Set up and created Email campaigns and flows
  • Set up and created SMS campaigns and flows
  • Created and maintained a solid funnel structure on Facebook and Instagram
  • Advertised optimal products with higher profit margins
  • Explored different ad angles to find what worked best across different audiences
  • Run numerous creative tests within winning audiences
  • Run numerous email and sms campaign and flow tests
  • Installed customer journey apps like Hotjar and monitored website visitor behaviour to optimise website navigation to reduce friction during the customers purchase journey
  • Made CRO updates to the website, including upsell and cross-sell apps
  • Developed branding colours and branding guidelines to ensure consistency across all business assets
  • Created sales calendar